Private Harvest
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A living perfume

Private Harvest has been created on a truth and a passion, with true integrity and the highest standards at its core.

Inspired by age old skills and traditions and the very finest nature can provide, Private Harvest fragrances are spirited and sensual. Lovingly created to reflect each of us, they are rare, unique and truly a natural essence.


Every perfume is a voyage. Born in the hills in the far East, formulated in Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert and produced in Grasse, France.


The Nose
Nicholas Jennings

Choosing master perfumer Nicholas Jennings is core to the values of Private Harvest. It is essential to us that the scent we create is produced in the most natural way combining the most traditional and sustainable methods.

Private Harvest has been created using only ethically harvested precious and genuine flower absolutes.


The composition of the fragrance is subtly different each year. Like a vintage wine, it is shaped by the nuances of a particular harvest


First Edition
001 - Love

Private Harvest 001 tea comes from the famed Meijiawu village. This Xihu Longjing is in fact the most famous and precious of Chinese teas and is known for it’s jade green colour.

The tea has been harvested from a private plantation, during the premium season first picking known as Ming Qian. It requires the tea to be produces from the first spring shoots prior to the Qingming festival on 5th April each year. The production cycle is very short and only lasts 10 days - tea picked after this period is of a lower grade.

The fragrance of the tea has been balanced with the best local ingredients to create a dynamic scent made up of layers of woods, flowers and spice.


An exceptional craft

18th and 19th century European perfumery was still a traditional artisan craft, created by the perfumer themselves and reserved only for the elite and royalty. After this the industrialisation of the industry was born from the introduction of mass produced synthetic molecules.

After this golden period perfume changed from being exceptional to everyday.


Created in the spirit of 18th century French Perfumery - Private Harvest has no heavy synthetics and will be produced in limited batches


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