Private Harvest
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Gender neutral natural perfume
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A Living Perfume

Private Harvest has been created on a truth and a passion, with true integrity and the highest standards at its core.

Inspired by age old skills and traditions and the very finest nature can provide, Private Harvest is a fragrance that is spirited and sensual. Lovingly created to reflect each of us, this is a rare, unique and truly natural essence.

Unlike modern perfume, Private Harvest draws on certified natural extracts for its heady scent. It is an intimate fragrance, with a delicacy that can’t be replicated by synthetic substances.

Every perfume is a voyage. Born in the hills in China (001) and Taiwan (002) formulated in St Guilhem and produced in Grasse.


The Nose
Nicholas Jennings

Choosing master perfumer Nicholas Jennings is core to the values of Private Harvest. It is essential to us that the scent we create is produced in the most natural way combining the most traditional and sustainable methods.

Jennings brings to the project everything we could have wanted. His personal philosophy and passion goes hand in hand with our aspirations.

Private Harvest has been created using only ethically harvested precious and genuine flower absolutes.

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001 LOVE
Dragon Well tea

It is said that the Emperor was resting in his garden and in this time, a leaf blew into his glass of hot water. He sipped it and sicovered the wonder of Longjing (Dragon Well) tea.

A hundred years after the Tang Dynasty, Longjing tea was granted the status of Gong Cha - imperial Tea.

Private Harvest 001 tea comes from the famed Meijiawu village. This Xihu Longjing is in the fact the most famous and precious of Chinese teas and is known for it’s jade green colour.

Our tea has been harvested from a private plantation, during the premium season first picking known as Ming Qian.


The composition of the fragrance is subtly different each year. Like a vintage wine, it is shaped by the nuances of a particular harvest.


Century old
wild tea

Deep in the wild mountains of Nantou, Taiwan is a small area between cultivated tea plantations which is the home of wild century tea shrubs,

Extremely rare in quantity, they only produce 8 to 10kg of tea leaves annually. The tea is a beloved treasure within tea rooms and collectors as one of the most celebrated amongst tea aficionados.



Soon to be launched, Private Harvest 001 and 002 will both be available limited edition of 1000 bottles each. Fill in the form below to be the first to know.

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